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It’s long been understood that sunlight affects our mood. For Canadians and others who live far from the equator, we have come to know that our long winters filled with short days makes us cranky.


February 4th was World Cancer Day, when organizations from around the globe join in the common cause of raising awareness, raising money and influencing policy makers. All in an effort to push towards a cure for this devastating disease, and to improve care and support for cancer patients in the meantime.


Every quarter, we take a look at our most popular tweets from the previous quarter, and reflect on what we can learn from them. After all, we are offering a variety of different information to our followers, so if certain kinds of information is more popular than others, that’s a good indicator that our audience wants more of that kind of information.


Happy New Year! And as your new year’s resolution, you’ve decided to start an exercise regimen. Good for you! Along with healthy eating, regular exercise is a great way to lose weight, increase energy, improve sleep and generally feel better.


As the year comes to a close, we thought it would be fun, and educational, to look back at all of our blog posts from 2017, to see what topics resonated the most with our followers. And the answer was pretty definitive. We planned to talk about our top 3 blogs, but the fact is that 4 of our top 5 blogs of the year were all largely on the same topic. And that topic is specialty medications.



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