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Raising Health® Blog

It’s one of the worst kept secrets going:

Being active can help reduce your weight, blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol.

It can reduce your dependence on medication and lower your risk of heart attack, stroke and a number of other health issues.

Essentially, regular exercise can help you be healthier, feel better and live longer.


Maggie is a marketing manager who has worked with the same company for 12 years and has contributed greatly to its success. Lately, though, she has been calling in sick a lot more often and seems tired and not quite with it when she is at work. The VP she reports to has asked HR to set up a meeting with her.


As Q2 ends and summer gets into full swing, it’s once again time to take a look at our top tweets from the quarter that just passed, to get a sense of what our followers are thinking about, and hopefully, to glean some insights as to why. We do this to better understand our audience, and to plan for the kind of content that will keep them engaged going forward.


Looking to offer your employees a pharmacy solution that makes sense and reduces your bottom line costs?

The Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy takes the guesswork associated with managing ongoing prescriptions out of your employees’ hands.

What comes to mind when you think of the Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy?


My given name is Michele Baptiste, while my traditional name is Red Sunset Woman. I am Bear Clan from the Algonquin First Nation of Pikwakanagan in Golden Lake, Ontario.

I’ve been asked to provide a blog to celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day. It’s a day for all Canadians to learn about and celebrate the contributions Indigenous people have made to our country. It’s a good occasion for us to celebrate who we are as Indigenous people and to honour our ancestors. 



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