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On February 11th, the United Nations will mark the 4th annual International Day of Women and Girls in Science with a forum at its headquarters in New York. The event will bring together policymakers, diplomats and other thought leaders from around the world to tackle the daunting problem of gender inequality in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).


For those of us who have never experienced a cancer diagnosis, the only thing we can imagine that might exceed the dread of the words “you have cancer” is the sheer joy of joining the group that proudly call themselves cancer survivors. And certainly, given the extreme feelings, real and imagined, that are associated with having cancer, being told that you’ve beaten cancer can feel like you’ve beaten death itself.


If you’re a Canadian adult, you might have been in a pharmacy hundreds of times in your life, and you probably have a pretty good idea of what they do. For many of us, a pharmacy is where we go on occasion on our way home from the doctor’s office, when we’re sick, or when our kids are sick and we need one-time medication to deal with it.


The holidays are here! For many Canadians, this is a time of joy and wonder. A time to take some much-deserved time off; a time to reconnect with family, and a time to focus on relaxation and fun for a change. Good for you. Enjoy!

Of course, the holidays also come with some potential risks to your health, but the best way to avoid those Grinch-like outcomes is to be aware of them. With that, please enjoy (and be mindful of) our 12 days of holiday hazards…


You are at the doctor’s office. Your physician just told you that you have high cholesterol, and that she would like you to start taking statins to control it. This is a common diagnosis. In fact, about 4 in 10 Canadian adults have elevated levels of “bad cholesterol”.



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