Express Script Canada's emblem that represents our Indigenous Commitment

Indigenous symbol

Our Indigenous symbol is integral to the promotion of our Indigenous initiatives and partnerships. 

The design is Medicine Wheel themed, made up of ESC’s corporate brand colours. Similar to ESC’s principles of diversity and inclusion, the core teachings of the Medicine Wheel are balance, inclusion and Indigenous four sacred Medicines—sage, sweetgrass, cedar and tobacco—which keep our spirit healthy.

Indigenous commitment

Express Scripts Canada is committed to supporting healthy Indigenous communities and creating a better future, together.

Two young Indigenous boys with their arms around each other

Champions for better

We are committed to creating a better future together with our Indigenous community partners. In partnership with Indigenous consulting groups, we offer meaningful employment opportunities to Indigenous peoples. Please see our careers page for all current openings.

Supporting community relationships

We support Indigenous education initiatives through annual donation to charities focused on Indigenous youth education while seeking out opportunities to support community groups that have the health and welfare of Indigenous peoples at heart.

Express Scripts Canada's Internship Medicine Wheel

Express Scripts Canada Indigenous Relations Policy

We recognize the unique history, culture and rights of Indigenous peoples and is dedicated to building respectful and collaborative relationships. We are committed to listening, partnering, innovating and adapting to empower Indigenous employees and communities. We aim to move forward together on the path to reconciliation.

Our commitments are as follows:

Respect for Indigenous rights, culture, and traditions: We respect Indigenous peoples’ rights, traditions, sovereignty, autonomy, and self-determination, integrating their cultural values into our operations and policies where appropriate. Collaborating together can create a better future for Indigenous communities and all Canadians.

Consultation and engagement: We will engage in meaningful and respectful consultation with Indigenous communities and organizations to better understand their perspective. We will seek their input in decision making processes that affect them and their interests. We will act with speed and purpose to address their concerns and find solutions that benefit all parties involved.

Partnerships and collaboration: We will seek to establish collaborations with Indigenous communities and organizations to create sustainable economic opportunities and social benefits. We will strive to promote Indigenous entrepreneurship, employment, and procurement in our operations and supply chain. We believe that by partnering and collaborating, we can work towards a better future for all.

Capacity building and support: We will support Indigenous communities and organizations in building their capacity and skills to participate in economic development and social initiatives. We will provide training, mentorship, and assistance to Indigenous organizations to enable their success. We believe that by supporting Indigenous communities, we can innovate and adapt to create a better future for all.

Accountability and transparency: We will be accountable for our actions and transparent in our communication with Indigenous communities and organizations. We will report on our progress and outcomes related to Indigenous relations and seek feedback on our performance to continuously improve our practices. We believe that by being accountable and transparent, we can be better partners with Indigenous communities.

Indigenous Reconciliation: We recognize the importance of Indigenous reconciliation and are committed to working collaboratively with Indigenous communities and organizations to achieve this goal. We acknowledge the harms caused by past policies and actions of governments and non-Indigenous organizations. We will work to build trust and understanding with Indigenous peoples, support their self-determination and rights, and foster a renewed relationship based on respect, recognition, and reconciliation. 

We recognize that achieving these commitments requires ongoing learning, engagement, and action. We are committed to listening to Indigenous partners and stakeholders, reflecting on our practices, and evolving our policies and actions to meet their expectations and requirements. We believe that by working together, we can create a better future for all.


Express Scripts Canada Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) Leadership Statement


Progressive Aboriginal Relations


We are committed to the PAR program and its components. We are steadfast in our commitment that will lead to successful, positive business relations with the Aboriginal community.

  • Aboriginal recruitment and employment. An employee-driven Aboriginal Networking Group will provide input into our recruitment strategy and how best to position us within the Aboriginal community.
  • Aboriginal career development, training and succession planning. We will hold our leaders accountable for the facilitation of a discussion about career development interests, development of succession plans and subsequent training.
  • Aboriginal cultural awareness. We will build awareness of Aboriginal history and teachings and culture of specific Nations across our organization.
  • Building business development capabilities. We are committed to engaging Aboriginal vendors to fulfill ESC business objectives.
  • Supporting community relationships. We will partner with Aboriginal communities to support growth and education and will seek opportunities to collaborate on community initiatives

ESC Leadership will continually review its Commitment Statement and Indigenous Relations Policy to reflect, evolve and improve.