What we learned from our top 3 tweets Q1 2018

Each business quarter, we look at our most popular tweets over the time period. It’s a good opportunity to see what kind of content catches attention and to reflect on how we can best meet the needs of our followers and, of course, our customers and patients.

Please bear in mind these “top” tweets are based on engagement numbers, as opposed to a straight-up number of eyeballs on them. In essence, these are tweets people interacted with by liking, replying, or retweeting.

The first quarter of 2018 gave us compelling feedback as to how business news concerning our company attracts significant attention and engagement.

Tweet #1

The top tweet from Q1 2018 linked to a news release indicating that Express Scripts Canada had landed a five-year contract from Health Canada to process benefit claims for Canada’s Indigenous people. Even without a hashtag, the news definitely got a good amount of attention and sharing among users.

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The Health Information and Claims Processing contract involves millions of pharmacy, dental, vision, mental health and medical supplies/equipment claims. The awarding of the contract reflects Express Scripts Canada’s competitive bid, which was comprehensive, compliant and innovative.

Given that this contract is one of the largest of its kind in the country, it’s no surprise that users shared the news.

Tweet #2

If we’re looking for a trend as to why certain content captures engagement, this tweet shows us that practical, everyday health issues are a sure winner. Our “Ask the Pharmacist” series is building engagement momentum with every new episode, so it’s great to see this offering from late February making some engagement noise. Its popularity speaks to the subject matter and the format: a quick, digestible video wherein an Express Scripts Canada pharmacist fields a common clinical question from a patient.

For those who haven’t exercised in a long time, it’s critical to discuss any new plans with a health care provider before getting started. Pharmacists are well-placed to discuss how a new exercise regimen can affect one’s medication.

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The three hashtags broaden the tweet’s amplification, which partly explains its engagement success. Even still, there’s usually an engagement story behind tweets that hone in on specific health-related questions that are answered succinctly in video format by an expert.

Tweet #3

Finally, our third-highest engagement metric from Q1 2018 came first thing in the new year with an article in Calgary’s Child magazine written by Express Scripts Canada pharmacist Edwin Ho.

Edwin offered tips and strategies on how children can ensure they are using prescription products safely and correctly while away from home. Covering topics such as the importance of open communication, proper storage, and safety, these practical matters speak directly to parents whose children use medication to manage a health condition.

The takeaway is clear: practical, instructional content from a reliable source is usually quite share-worthy.

See you again in Q2 2018!