Disease Management

Innovation is at our core – it is at the heart of who we are and what we do. We pilot, measure and perfect new ways to address our clients’ and plan members’ challenges related to the management of disease.

Red and Orange pills and a vaccine vial sitting on top of an Express Scripts Canada Chronic Disease report

Sustainability depends on innovative benefit management solutions

Innovative solutions are key to controlling the cost of prescription drug benefit plans, especially at a time when we have entered into an age of million-dollar-per-treatment drug launches. Innovations that deliver potentially breakthrough treatments with astronomical prices require us to be equally innovative in how we manage prescription drug benefits.

As we look ahead, with the growing use of high-cost specialty drugs, benefit plan sustainability hinges on solutions that translate into lower costs and improved health outcomes. By focusing on specific disease states and targeted therapies, ESC provides flexible solutions that enhance the member’s experience with their benefit plan as it relates to disease management programs and health education. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to these issues. Our flexible solutions allow plan sponsors and carriers to customize the depth of support they feel is best for their members.

Opioid management solution

Doing our part to combat the opioid crisis and putting member safety top of mind, Express Scripts Canada’s Opioid Management Solution is an aggressive, yet clinically-sound approach focused on driving change in our nation’s opioid epidemic. Our solution maximizes safety across the care continuum, shielding clients and their members by minimizing early opioid exposure, and helping to prevent progression to overuse/abuse.

Our solution uniquely takes a comprehensive and proactive approach – managing new and acute users; short-term or intermittent users; chronic users; and over users/abusers.  We address potential behavior and safety gaps, ensuring responsible dispensing at the pharmacy. 

ESC’s medication nonadherence identification report

This report provides information about the scale of nonadherence for an individual group, including a comparison to similar groups, making it easy to see if a group has superior, average or below average adherence. Through this analysis, we identify the most problematic medical conditions within the group and target programs to benefit this population.

Simplifying healthcare plan members with complex healthcare needs

Express Scripts Canada has developed one of the most advanced solutions for specialty medications in Canada, which increases the chances that prescribed medications will be used to achieve optimal health outcomes. The ESC Pharmacy Specialty Solution supports members with a chronic, complex condition and prescribed a specialty medication and includes a personalized action plan, assistance to find savings on any out-of-pocket expenses you pay for your specialty medications and pharmacists who are personal health advocates available 24/7.

A young healthcare worker explaining the health benefit programs available to Express Scripts Canada pharmacy members.