Digital Services

A comprehensive suite of products that compliment each other and, when combined, offer plan members an enhanced drug benefit experience that saves them time and effort while reducing out-of-pocket expenses.

A desk with a laptop showing the many digital assets used at Express Scripts Canada.

Cost-effective solutions drive better health outcomes

Better health outcomes happen when members play an active role in managing their healthcare. Express Scripts Canada’s Web Services solutions will help you successfully manage costs while enabling your members to make better decisions when using their pharmacy benefit dollars, through adherence and accessibility. The result is another advantage in your playbook that sets you apart from your competition.

We believe in getting better together, by enabling clients with the solutions they need to discover opportunities that will allow them to unlock new value and better health outcomes.

Drug search

Provides plan members with the ability to search for a drug by Drug Information Number (DIN), drug name or ingredient and identifies if a generic alternative is available.

Drug benefit coverage search

Provides plan members with the ability to know what their out-of-pocket expense may be and offers cost-effective therapeutic alternatives before they ever shop with a pharmacy. This tool helps the plan member determine if a medication is covered by their plan before they leave their physician’s office, outlines an itemized estimated cost and the lower cost generic drug (if available).

Pharmacy value finder

Enables plan members with the ability to select a local pharmacy and compare pricing among other pharmacies within a specified area based on the postal code specified.

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