Data Insights

Applying our expertise and experience, we leverage insights gained by managing claims for millions of Canadians to inform solutions in partnership with our clients.

Leveraging advanced data analytics, ESC’s reporting capabilities provide best-in-class data insights to help our clients analyze historical drug trends, identify potential opportunities and guide decision-making for plan design. Backed by a skilled team of data scientists, our data insights inform payors and plan sponsors to make better decisions about your plans. ESC differentiates itself in the Canadian drug benefits analytics space by providing unified insights stemming from our descriptive, prescriptive and predictive analytic solutions that are the foundation for measuring the value of your drug benefit plans and focusing personalized strategies that target members struggling with chronic or complex conditions.

A young black man explaining drug trend data to an Express Scripts Canada client.

Customizable, first-to-market solutions

Express Scripts Canada is revered for our industry-leading data analysis, which we turn into actionable insights for our clients in both the public and private sectors.

Only Express Scripts Canada is able to harness fresh thinking for better outcomes, drive innovation and differentiation and provide best-in-class reporting to bring you first-to-market solutions that are customized, save dollars and make your members healthier and more adherent.

We accomplish this with a business support model, custom development allowances, dedicated account team and intellectual property control.

Fresh thinking, better outcomes

We take an innovative approach to data to solve the industry’s biggest challenges, we dig deeper into member data. We apply research, trend analysis and expertise to uncover insights and expose new opportunities that deliver greater value.

Drive innovation and differentiation

We work tirelessly with our clients and partners to develop personalized solutions that make a meaningful difference. From pharmacy benefits management to speciality pharmacy care and everything in between, we use our flexible technology platform and vast pool of resources to develop and implement solutions that are tailored to an individual client’s needs and get them first-to-market.

Best-in-class reporting

We provide access to data that is relevant, customizable and mineable allowing for plan sponsors, advisors and clients to glean insights that drive meaningful and personalized decisions. We offer an array of reporting capabilities that provide best-in-class reporting to help you analyze your historical pharmacy benefit, identify potential opportunities and guide decision-making for plan design.

A pen sitting on a tablet with a series of Express Scripts Canada data insights