Cost Containment Programs

Our innovative programs provide significant opportunities to manage drug costs to keep plans sustainable and improve member experience over time.

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Accessibility meets affordability

As part of the most innovative pharmacy benefits manager in the world, we are constantly working with insurers and plan sponsors to develop industry-leading solutions to deliver superior healthcare in a cost-controlled environment. 

Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy®

Plan members all have different healthcare needs, but they all deserve the best care, not a pharmacy that delivers a one-size fits-all approach. The Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy are experts in pharmacy and understanding the needs of their patients. They deliver the best health outcomes at a low cost. Learn about why the pharmacy choice you make matters.  

Fraud, waste, abuse and audit program

The Express Scripts Canada Fraud, Waste, Abuse and Audit program provides an ongoing review of claims and is designed to help control costs through proactive management of potential fraudulent and at-risk claims. Our program detects fraudulent behaviour and helps clients address potential abuse cases using proactive data analysis and comprehensive investigation by a skilled team of in-house experts.

Prior authorization

Express Scripts Canada’s Prior Authorization Program safeguards member health and your bottom line. When added to your benefit plan, the program ensures members receive the highest quality of care and avoid paying more for unneeded prescription drugs. Ask us how you can start saving money with our Prior Authorization program today.

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