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Female pharmacist with open prescription bottle, Express Scripts Canada

Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy Services

Express Scripts Canada is pioneering a new generation of pharmacy benefit management products and services.

Offered for the first time in Canada, our unique Health Decision ScienceTM combines behavioural science, clinical expertise and actionable data to create practical, proven strategies that change plan member behaviour to reduce waste in prescription drug plan spending while optimizing health outcomes.

Behavioural Science

Express Scripts research reveals that employees and employers want the same thing when it comes to their prescription drug plan: the best possible health outcomes and the best value for their prescription drug investment. But our research shows that while employees have good intentions when it comes to reducing wasted prescription spending, they don’t always take action.

Understanding the intent-behaviour gap, and how to close it, is the key to helping employees reduce waste and improve health outcomes.

It’s not about convincing employees they should make better decisions – but about helping them close the gap between what they want to do and what they actually do.


Clinical Expertise

Express Scripts Canada’s clinical team continually reviews scientific and clinical data to evaluate the latest drugs and provide our clients with recommendations on how they can most effectively be incorporated into their drug plans.

Our Drug Evaluation Committee assesses all new drugs and product-line extensions before presenting its findings to the Plan Management Validation Committee, which acts as a formal link between Express Scripts Canada and its partners.

Actionable Data

Express Scripts Canada has the unique ability to integrate the knowledge gained from processing claims for several million Canadians each year into the design and implementation of our pharmacy benefit management services.

Our intelligence derived from our data drives participation and consequently savings. Integrating claims data knowledge allows us to provide personalized, proactive member communications. As a result, we add a unique, new level of customized education to the member experience – and informed members make better decisions about their health.

Express Scripts Canada