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Raising Health® Blog

Celebrated on April 22, Earth Day is the largest environmental event in the world. Every year more than six million Canadians raise awareness and participate in activities that acknowledge and support Earth Day. From school-aged children to large businesses and corporations, we are continuously taking steps to combat global warming, reduce waste and minimize our carbon footprint to improve the environment.


We hope you’ll join us in support of World Health Day on April 7, an annual celebration of health awareness sponsored since 1950 by the World Health Organization (WHO).

This year, the focus of World Health Day is diabetes awareness, so let’s start with a few need-to-know facts:


Poisoning is one of a parent’s worst fears, and those fears are well founded – about half of poisonings happen to children under six.

Among Canadians of all ages, poisoning is the fourth-leading cause of injury deaths and the fifth-leading cause of hospitalizations.


In North America alone, it is estimated that 2 to10% of all healthcare dollars are lost to fraud. Canada's life and health insurers have made and continue to make significant investments in technology, skilled staff, and awareness initiatives with their clients to mitigate healthcare fraud.


International Women’s Day (March 8) is the perfect day to take action on women’s health. We know, for example, that many working women struggle to juggle a home, family and life in general. This constant struggle means that they end up putting their health and wellbeing on the backburner. So how can women find a balance and make better decisions that will result in healthier outcomes?

March 7, 2016


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