Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy Managers Share Insights into what Motivates Them to go further for their Patients


Putting patients first is at the heart of all care through Express Scripts Canada (ESC) Pharmacy. No one demonstrates this better than our pharmacy managers.

Meet Alan Strashok, Manager of ESC Pharmacy, Atlantic

Growing up, Alan always had a keen interest in science. Not long after becoming a pharmacist, he opened his own corner drugstore in Calgary with a focus on seniors and patient consultation.

Ten years ago, Alan moved east to New Brunswick where he helped set up the ESC Pharmacy, Atlantic. Now, with nearly 30 years of pharmacy experience, he continues to provide excellent pharmacy services with a focus on patient care. 

For Alan, supporting his patients is what he loves most about being a pharmacist – and the ESC Pharmacy allows him to do just that. For example, with a patient having difficulty keeping his blood sugar under control with diet, exercise and oral pills, Alan went a step further and worked with him to develop and adhere to a regimen.

“Working in close collaboration with the patient’s doctor, I’d do monthly follow ups to discuss his sugar levels and tweak doses. I also sent a log book to him to keep track of his blood glucose readings.” When a new drug came out that could allow the patient to avoid full reliance on insulin, Alan helped him try it and learn to administer injections. “It worked for him, and at the same time, I got to know him better as he shared his stories. When things come up, I’m happy to take his call, whether he’s wondering about a treatment or wants to share his latest adventure. It’s very similar to my old corner store, except my corner is now all of Atlantic Canada and I really love it.”

Meet Simone Michel, Manager of ESC Pharmacy, Ontario

A pharmacist for close to 20 years, Simone has worked in a variety of pharmacy settings, including retail and specialty, both overseas and in Canada. In fact, she was named the 2010 Pharmacist of the Year in Bermuda.

For Simone, joining ESC was the “perfect blend of merging passion for innovation with improving patient outcomes. Our online-delivery pharmacy gives patients peace of mind, knowing that a team is taking care of them,” she says.

Having 24/7 access to a pharmacist and critical follow-up care is part of what distances ESC Pharmacy from its competitors. ESC patients are encouraged to contact an ESC pharmacist regardless of whether their concern is about a missed dose, drug interactions, a question about breastfeeding safety while on certain medications, or another matter.

“Even in the middle of the night, they can call,” affirms Simone. “It shows value that we’re there when all the other pharmacies are closed. I love being the pharmacist on call. I get to have important conversations that really matter with patients when they really need them. It makes a big impact to give them that reassurance and expertise.”

Simone shares a recent story of a patient whose overwhelming anxiety with an adverse effect was leading the patient to believe she needed hospital care. “I was able to calm her anxiety, and provide ways to manage the effect. And I set a timely follow up with her the next day. I saved her an unnecessary trip to the ER, and that also saves our health care system time and money.” If it matters to their health, the ESC Pharmacy delivers.