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Our People

Edwin Ho

Edwin Ho, Pharmacist in Charge, Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy West

As the Pharmacist in Charge for Express Scripts Canada’s Pharmacy West, I am responsible for serving patients in British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon and the Northwest Territories. Our pharmacy offers patients a unique active pharmacy service that differentiates us from other pharmacies in the Canadian industry. Working for the Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy, I take pride in knowing that we make it our mission to deliver the best possible health outcomes for our patients while maximizing the cost efficiency of dollars spent within our pharmacy. We are pioneers in the Canadian pharmacy benefits management landscape; being part of this team provides us all with an opportunity to grow and reshape the way people view pharmacies and the services pharmacies provide to their patients.

Emmanuelle François

Emmanuelle François, Customer Support Specialist

Being a Customer Support Specialist allows me to understand and support both our clients and the organization as a whole. As an employee of Express Scripts Canada, it brings me great pleasure to be able to provide timely answers to client questions and help maintain the high level of excellence the company is known for. When I first began working here in 2002, I never envisioned being part of such an amazing group of people that, like me, take their work to heart. Managers and colleagues alike have played an important role in inspiring me to be the best that I can be. Working at Express Scripts Canada has been a beautiful journey - one that I hope to continue and cherish for years to come.

Gokul Nedumaram

Gokul Nedumaram, PMP, IT Director - Business Alignment

I worked globally for Express Scripts for nine years before joining Express Scripts Canada in 2013. Throughout the years, I have always held challenging and interesting positions that not only make use of my skills, but also enrich my talent. My coworkers have always added to this experience by being smart, talented people who take pride in their daily work. In my current role, I look for ways to solve business problems, enhance our competitiveness and improve patient care using technology and processes. It’s an exciting role and time to work in the Canadian healthcare domain; an industry currently evolving and adapting to new ways to serve health plan members. Express Scripts Canada, in particular, has been a pioneer in this evolution by offering innovative products and services to help transform the way plan members and plan sponsors use their benefit plans — it’s inspiring to know that everything I accomplish impacts a plan member in a positive way.  

Helen Ma

Helen Ma, Systems Delivery Team Lead NIHB Adjudication Development

It is very seldom that you find a workplace filled with such an abundance of passion. The people that work for Express Scripts Canada are not only passionate about the work that they do, but also about the people they provide their services to. I witness so much integrity and drive amongst my teams each day that it continually inspires me to strive to be a better leader. Express Scripts Canada is more than an organization; it is a community where employees continue to strive for the best.

Lisa Fisher Odjig

Lisa Fisher Odjig, Customer Service Representative

I am honoured and proud to be a member of the Express Scripts Canada team and to be able to work with dental and pharmacy providers from across Canada. At the start of each day, I often ask myself how I can make the day successful for myself, our health care providers and the organization. One way I help make it a success is by helping health care providers receive timely and accurate solutions to their issues. At the call centre, time never stands still and the ball is always rolling. When the day is done, it definitely feels rewarding to know I have accomplished so much. I’m very happy working for Express Scripts Canada — my job is satisfying and I have fantastic colleagues I enjoy working with every day.

Nick Franolic

Nick Franolic, Senior Manager, Business Process Improvement & Chief Privacy Officer

To me, I have the most interesting and gratifying job at Express Scripts Canada. Being the Senior Manager, Business Process Improvement & Chief Privacy Officer allows me independence, flexibility, motivation and satisfaction. I am able to draw on my experience while also being challenged into researching new and creative ways to solve problems and build solid foundations for growth opportunities. Being able to work with and coach associates that I respect brings me great satisfaction. I feel the work I do makes a difference to Express Scripts Canada, our clients and to the people in our communities that use our services. Each night when I go home, I take pride in knowing that I did something truly meaningful and important that day.

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