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Medications Filled

What are maintenance medications?

A maintenance medication is a drug that you take on a regular basis for things like birth control, diabetes management, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc. But, it might also include nasal sprays or ointments.

For a list of common medications we fill, refer to the Maintenance Drug List available on the downloads and resources section of the Express Scripts Canada website at If your medication is not listed, it may still be considered a maintenance medication. Check with your drug benefit provider.

Are there medications I cannot receive from the Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy?

The Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy does not dispense narcotics, and controlled and targeted substances. You should continue to have prescriptions for these medications filled at another pharmacy.

Can I have my prescription for antibiotics filled at the Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy?

You can choose to have a prescription for any medication filled at the Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy, except for narcotics, and controlled and targeted substances.

If you need the medication immediately, and it is not a medication you have been stabilized on before and had filled through Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy, we recommend you fill it at another pharmacy. If you do not need it immediately and would like to fill it through the Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy, you can have your doctor fax the prescription directly to your regional pharmacy or you can send it in by mail. Please email to obtain a postage-paid envelope.

Tip: See who to contact for our regional pharmacy fax numbers.

How will possible drug interactions be monitored if I’m filling maintenance prescriptions through the Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy and non-maintenance prescriptions through another pharmacy?

Before your medication is sent to you, it will be submitted electronically to your insurance company for approval by your drug benefit plan. At this point, possible drug interactions will be flagged to the pharmacist, regardless of which pharmacy filled the prescription.

Additionally, every time a prescription is filled, the Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy system will search the medical history and allergy information you provided. The pharmacist will address any issue that’s flagged before filling the prescription.

What is a specialty medication?

A specialty medication is used to treat chronic, complex conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and cancer. Specialty drugs are usually costly, require special storage and handling, need intensive clinical monitoring and require frequent dosing adjustment. Depending on your drug benefit plan, you can have these medications filled by the Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy.

How important is it that I take all of my medication?

Following your doctor’s instructions for taking your medication, both the amount of the medication you should take and the length of time you should take it, is the best thing you can do to make sure your treatment is a success. We understand that some medications may have unpleasant side effects or be difficult to administer, and that is why our pharmacists are available 24/7 to offer clinical advice about dealing with these issues – they will even reach out to your doctor about the management of these side effects, if necessary.

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