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Female pharmacist with open prescription bottle, Express Scripts Canada

Express Scripts Canada Active Pharmacy Program

Meaningful support at the right time – for better health and peace of mind 

We provide employers with solutions that engage employees in making the most effective health and treatment decisions by delivering meaningful support at the right times. Our research shows that this high level of engagement pays off: employees stay healthier and are more productive; their greater peace of mind contributes to creativity, mental health and an improved ability to focus, at work and at home. 

The Express Scripts Canada Active Pharmacy Program was designed to bridge the gaps in Canada’s healthcare system that make it difficult for people with chronic or specialty conditions to manage their treatment and their health. With our proven Active Pharmacy services, employees experience better outcomes and engagement, while employers benefit from more efficient cost management, reduced absenteeism and improved productivity. It’s a win-win.

Here's how:

1. One pharmacy team

  • A dedicated team supports each employee and creates an integrated, individualized treatment and health plan that includes both maintenance and specialty drug treatment.
  • The pharmacy team sees the employee’s full medication picture and – in consultation with his or her doctors – help the patient prevent drug interactions and manage side effects.

2. Improved adherence

  • We understand how and why people make the decisions they do. We use proprietary Health Decision Science™ to make it easy and intuitive for patients to make the best choices about treatments and their health. 
  • Through our patient-centred, active engagement process, employees understand their disease, how their medication works and why it is important to take it according to their doctor’s instructions. We’re alerted when their medication use shows they’re not following those instructions, so we can reach out and help them get back on track before it leads to worsening health.
  • Auto-refills and reminders make it easy to avoid running out of essential treatments. 

3. Privacy and convenience

  • Our pharmacists are available to speak to employees by telephone day and night, in the privacy of the employee’s home.
  • We deliver – to the address of the employee’s choice, anywhere in Canada. No more pharmacy line-ups. 


Express Scripts Canada